Rota Rural Route

Rural Route (4 hours approx.)

Fist we take the Sta. Teresa street situated on the left situated of the Town Hall and, just under 1 km, turn right onto a dirt road opposite a sign showing "Club Hípica".

Continue down this road until you reach a left turn on the edge of a plot of land bordered by a white wood fence and follow this road.

Carry on down this road some 4 km, until you reach the "Mayeto", a typical farmhouse used by Farmers of Rota.

Carry straight on until you reach a crossroads and the continue straight on. Throughout the route you will see typical regional plant life such as vines, sunflowers, tomatoes, pumpkins, etc.

On arriving at some greenhouses surrounded by eucalyptus, pass these and take the fork to the right. On passing another Mayeto farmhouse, turn right along a vine field, and you should arrive at a crossing at which you turn right.

Continue straight on until you get to some elctric pylons and a greenhouse on the left and then turn right until you get to another two pylons the carry on to the left. Go around some eucalyptus on the left and carry straight on until you arrive at the waste water treatment plan. Turn right here.

Carry straight on until you reach a "stop" sign and then carry straight on past the cypress trees, travelling parallel to the main road, until you reach the end of the road. On the left you will see the bridge that takes you back to Rota.

Once you are on the bridge, continue in the direction of Rota until you arrive at the sign that says "Rota 7 km".

Take the road on the left to arrive on the same road you left on.



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