Medina Sidonia

Medina Sidonia is located in the Bull Route - between the mountain and the sea - has a privileged view of country-side and the Bay of Cádiz.

Within its streets we discover past civilisations which are now part of our memory and legacy such as:

The Roman colony of Asido Caesarina , constructed over Phoenician settlements, at the top of "Cerro del Castillo", over 300 m. high.

Under Visigoth rule, Medina was capital of the province and has been centre of the church since late V century. Invaded by the Muslims in 712 was capital of the Sidonia Cora (Sadunia).

Conquered by King Alonso X El Sabio in 1264 Medina Sidonia became part of the frontier with the Nazarí Kingdom of Granada.

This town has been delcared Historic and Artistic Zone and of Cultural Interest, and was given a Prize to the Beautification of Andalusian Towns.

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