Guide of Jerez

Thanks to its sherry wines the city of Jerez crossed international borders many years ago and has since gone on to become truly universal.

But Jerez is something more than a city of wines and beautiful buildings, it has much more to offer than that: home of the Carthusian horse, the fighting bull, cradle of flamenco art, capital of motorcycle racing and home to international sporting events, and on top of all that, declared to be of Artistic and Historical interest.

Nowadays Jerez is a large city where long-standing traditions coexist in perfect harmony with the modern: large shopping centres and wide avenues converge upon the historic, cheerful and bustling city-centre, where shopping and tapas go hand in hand.

All of these distinctive features, together with a privileged geographical situation and climate, a unique and distinct tourist attractiveness, and modern infrastructures, all make Jerez the perfect place to live in and to visit.


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