Rota Horse Route

Horseback Route (1 hours approx.)

You begin in the Almadraba park situated on the Av. de la Diputación opposite the feria grounds.

Thus, you enter the pines of the Almadraba Park where the Romeria of San Isidro is celebrated and where you will often find fit enthusiasts training in one of the park's many recreational installations.

As you draw closer to the coast, the pine trees begin to shorten and give way to the dunes that border the sands of the beach. As you rise above the dunes you will be able to see the corals, packtes formed on stones jammed one on top of another, dating from Arabic times.

This area of the coastline is situated between the Costilla beach to the left and the Punta Candor beach to the right.

On your return trip you will see the bay of Rota and Cádiz in the distance, ending up exactly where you started.



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