Royal School Horses

Since the foundation of the Royal School the horses have been the main protagonist of the Institution and one of their main objetives has been to demostrate to everybody the beauty of the equestrian world.

At the close of 2002 the Royal school had 170 horses in its stables from different background:

137 of them owned by the Royal School itself, 21 from the military Stables and 12 from different breeders with whom the School maintains a loan contract.

The Royal School´s Veterinary Clinic is responsible for looking after the horses and does nor only see to their health but also offers a service of the school.

The stables are one of the essential cornerstones for the success of the Royal School´s activities as it would be impossible to develop these to such a high level so that the horses are recognized intenationally as being healthy, clean and well attended.


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