Artistic Heritage

The activity that the Royal School develop on a daily basis in the Institution is a faithful reflection of the tradition and culture that we wish to uphold and promote.

It is nor enough to just conserve the Botanical Gardens that surround our facilities, our goal is to promote the knowledge of the different species that are represented and thus bring them to the attention of the public that visits us.

the Palacio de las Cadenas a palace dating back to the 19th century, is the only example of the work of the exceptional French architec Charles Garnier in Spain, who was the architect responsible for many admired buildings including the Opera House in Paris and the Casino in Montecarlo.

The Riding Arena covered building where the exhibitions are held, offers an mixed air of andalusian and Jerez architecture and can hold approximately 1500 people.

It is finished off with 5 stables with 12 boxes in each.


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