San Roque Sotogrande

Sotogrande was a large uninhabitated country area consisting of a series of country estates.

In 1964 Joseph McMicking with exceptional foresight to lay the foundations of what is known today as one of the best residential tourism areas in Europe: Sotogrande and its first golf course, Real Club de Golf de Sotogrande.

A year later in 1965 McMicking's nephew, Enrique Zobel inaugurated the Sotogrande Polo Club's fisrt polo field, close to Guadalquitón beach.

The old fishing village takes its name from the river as it is situated at the river mouth Guadarranque.

The original part of the village was founded in 750 B.C.and is very close by at the Carteya Archaeological Site.

It was also the first Roman colony to achieve the title from the Senate in Rome. Strabo, Pliny and Pomponius Mela wrote about this city, which even minted its own coins.


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