Costa Ballena

Costa Ballena has four kilometres of beaches bathed by the Atlantic Ocean.

The development's 400 hectares are located in the province of Cádiz, where the oldest and famous wine in the world, sherry, is produced and where they raise the famous Jerez horses from which the prized Spanish breed descends.

The vineyards that dominate the landscape date from Roman times, two thousand years ago. Costa Ballena is also the cradle of the purest and richest Mediterranean folklore, flamenco.

The varied gastronomy, abounding in popular recipes, many of them influenced by the Morish inhabitants, links up with present-day Mediterranean cuisine, in which vegetables, fruit, cereals, olive oil, and fresh seafood and game all find a place.

The cultural and architectural heritage combines with values provided by progress and modernity to create a unique, well-communicated area with three international airports nearby (Jerez, Seville, and Gibraltar), a motorway that links up the European networks via Seville and Madrid, and a high-speed train terminal in Seville, a city located less than an hour by road.



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