Cadiz Monuments

You have to see the Cádiz city walls, the Puerta de Tierra, a 17th century fortification of particular interest.

The Church of Santo Domingo and interesting cloister of marble columns in keeping with the Tuscan style of the convent.

The Church of Santa María that contains the Vandelvira's family's Mannerist collection.

The Royal Prision one of the first Neoclassical buildings.

The Town Hall.Elizabethan Neoclassical and its Chapter House in the interior.

The Catedral, built in Baroque style in the 18th century. Contains sculptures by La Roldana, Martínez Montañes and Arce.

The Church of San Agustín of particular interest within is the crucifix of La Buena Muerte, attributed to Alonso Cano.

The Church of El Rosario with twin Italianate towers. In the interior are sculptures of San Servando and San Germán, patron saints of the city.

The Oratory of Sainted Grotto in which there are painting of Goya.

And the House of Mora of Isabelline style.



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